Access to food is a fundamental human right, essential for good health and finally for life. However, how often do you wonder where your next meal is coming out, who is growing it, and if it is excellent for you?

1. Access to food

With one in 10 people out of the current global population of 7.4 billion already going hungry, ensuring that everyone has daily access to nutritious food is an ongoing challenge. So next time you’re deciding between take-out and a trip to the local shop, spare a thought for the people who are helping to make sure you get something to eat.

2. You are what you eat

Diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease are one of the best health issues society faces. Knowing how to make the ideal food choices plays an integral role within our health, together with the ability to negatively or positively affect our risk of disorder.

3. Starting them young

We have heard stories of kids who will not eat their greens, parents exasperated by picky palettes, along with the creative dishes some parents devise to sneak some fantastic things in their children meals.

According to the World Health Organisation, one in four Australian children are overweight or obese. What would we be doing to help turn this trend around?

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